OCG Business Tips: Are your emails a waste of time?

A lot of the time we write emails just to show the other party that we’re listening, although that can be a waste of both your time, and the recipient’s time. In this video blog, Spencer Field of the Orange Cube Group will walk you through some examples of emails that you should not send to save both yourself and your recipient some precious time. If your email only contains a few words stop and consider if those words are worth your time to write and the recipients time to read.

OCG Business Tips: Know Your Neighbors

Communication with your business’s neighbors might save some involuntary “Battle of the Bands” type shenanigans. Two businesses didn’t communicate with the restaurant 50 feet away and ended up with two bands playing two wildly different styles of music feet away from each other, causing a slight ear-bleed in those passing by and those that are at either restaurant. In this video, we show you what this problem looks like first hand, and how these two business can stop duking it out musically.