Tech Talk: LinkedIn for Businesses

LinkedIn Presentation Overview

LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing tool if used correctly. Spencer Field of the Orange Cube Group gave two Tech Talks at the Greater Brighton Area Chamber Of Commerce. The first talk overviewed Linkedin for personal use while the second was targeted for business use. 

LinkedIn has 4 account types: 

  1. Personal accounts which are used by individual people to share their personal info and network with others. 
  2. Business pages which are used by businesses to share news, connect employees and gain leads.
  3. Groups are used to connect people from different business around a given topic. 
  4. Showcase pages are only used by business that have many sub-set businesses.  

Creating a Linkedin Business page is simple. You can see a shopping list of the information, graphics and content you need in the map below. If your business does not already have an account you can click the "Make A LinkedIn Business Page" button below to start a page. 

Once you have created your page start posting content that will be helpful to your readers. There are many hints for posting which you can see in the map under the "posting" section. 

Now that you have a LinkedIn Business Page you can start growing your audience by inviting your employees, customers or connections you meet through networking. These connections will be the only people seeing your content unless it is shared by your views so make sure to post content that people will find helpful. 


Here are a few helpful links that Spencer Mentioned: 


The bellow mind map outline all of the points Spencer made during his presentation.