How Does Do Cube Work

The monthly workflow with each client is unique to each client but here is the basics.

1. Signup: You signup on our website here. 

2. Setup: Our team setups the dashboard. 

3. First Meeting: Spencer and you meet for your first 30 minute meeting and get a plan in place. 

4. Tasks Flow: All of the tasks get uploaded to your dashboard with clear next steps. 

5. Team Action: The work assigned to our team gets done asap and we help encourage you do get your work done.

6. Second Meeting: Spencer and you meet the next month to review work, plan and get any of your marketing, operations, or strategic questions answered. 


Here Is That FAQ Section

What If I need more than 60 minutes of staff time? . . .

With your Do Cube membership we drop our hourly rate from $75/hr to $50/hr and any additional assistance will be billed at this lower rate.

What if my meeting with Spencer runs over? . . .

Spencer tends to run effecient meetings but can also be pretty generous with his time. He will ensure everything gets done quickly. If you need to schedule extra time with Spencer our team can make that happen.

How fast do you work? . . .

Once we have everything we need from you we'll have all of your project done within 3 days. Often faster.

What do you mean by "encourage me to get my work done"? . . .

Our team will reachout to you via the dashboard if we don't see you making progress. If that does't work we'll send an email, make a phone call, and on occasion we've personally visited our clients office to see what's going on.

Can you manage whole projects? . . .

Yes, and we do so on a regular basis for our clients. If it takes more than 60 minutes of staff time we'll apply the reduced hourly rate and ensure everything still gets done.