Social Media Accounts

Account Creation

Identify the correct platforms for your company and develop pages and accounts based on a sales funnel strategy.   

+ More About Account Creation?

Making social media accounts is like chess; easy to learn, hard to master. When Orange Cube creates social media accounts from scratch, we bring a proprietary book of best practices that have both been researched and discovered to bring about the most effective results.

When Orange Cube creates your accounts, we start with helping you choose what to focus on and what to ignore. During the creation process, you can have Orange Cube do as little or as much of that work as you want. Typically a client will have Orange Cube do everything from graphics to the visual elements and a copy writer do the text.

Account Renovation

Restructure your existing social media accounts to give you analytic drive results while focusing on a larger sales funnel strategy.  

+More About Account Renovation

Many of the businesses that we work with already have a social media presence. However most of them find their accounts, to be ineffective at generating new sales or improving relationship with current clients, because there are no analytics on their sites, and some clients call social media a necessary evil.

When the Orange Cube Group does an account renovation, the account is optimized in: Visual Design, Written Content, Advanced Settings, Account Structure, and Account Feature. The optimizations are based on data that is provided both from account provider and from third party applications.


 Have the trained marketing team take over the management of social media accounts to give you the results you need. 

+ More About Account Managment

“Interesting content” is one of the top three reasons people follow brands on social media. (NewsCred)

Creating consistent content that adds value to your clients is a difficult task. With the Orange Cube Group's team of copywriters, who have backgrounds in both marketing and academic English, you can be confident that social media with be a powerful tool for marketing.

Social Platform Marketing 

Social Network Marketing 

Some messages will not connect through ads. Social Network Marketing is the process of identifying your target audience, connecting with people your prospective client already trusts, and having their trusted advisers become your advocates. 

Platform Ads

Many of the largest social media platforms have paid advertisements that can help spread your content. By picking the right platform, the right message, and the right targeting features; the Orange Cube Group can strengthen your social media sales funnel.