Do you really need custom photos to be successful with your business? 

Bluntly, the answer is yes. Too often businesses spend thousands of dollars on their online marketing but don't include relevant media and end up under-representing themselves and underwhelming possible customers.


3 Reasons You Can't Skip Custom Media

Images are more captivating than text.

Don't believe us? Check out Apple's video ads, McDonald's LCD menu boards, or Ford's marketing website, and you will see that quality, eye-catching media is crucial to clearly communicate a complete story. Unique, personal images of your business and your team pull customers into wanting to discover more about you. 


Connect Emotionally. 

If you want people to connect to your brand on an emotional level, you need to give them a clear idea of what they are connecting to and why they should connect. Media is the best way to do that. And why should you want to appeal to their emotions? Because emotions are an essential factor in driving brand loyalty and spending.

Prove your words to your customers.

Any high schooler can use stock images to try and show they run the best landscaping business in town. But serious customers looking for top-notch services won't fall for this. When you use custom media, you show prospective customers that you really do have the capabilities, business savvy, and the professionalism that your words claim you do. 

360° Photography

Nearly everyone relies on and uses the Street View function of Google maps before visiting a business. A new application of this photography technique is growing fast in popularity and use: indoor Street View. 

+ More info on 360 Degree photos

Indoor Street View offers customers a virtual tour inside a business with 360° panoramas. It helps you build trust with customers and inspire confidence through an immersive experience.

Offering this type of interactive imagery boosts visibility online and adds another dimension to your Google My Business listing. In addition, Google Places will potentially up-rank your site for having 360° photos.

We have the technology to take 3D images inside your business and then digitally stitch them together to provide a mapped experience of the inside of your business for indoor Street View.


Standard Local Listings Photography

While 360° imagery is important for your Google My Business listing and your website, it isn’t always the best option for your social media pages, local listings, Google AdWords, or other parts of your website. Sometimes, high quality standard photography is just what you need.

+ More About Local Listings Photos

We offer standard interior photography services where we capture the unique interior of your store, your team at work, and branding images—all in the best light. We then ensure these images are used appropriately throughout each aspect of your online marketing, i.e. your website, Google My Business, social media, local listings, etc.

You will also retain access to all of the images for any other/later marketing.

If you have photography needs that include strange lighting, large areas, or particular shots of products, we are happy to recommend a photography company with these strengths.

Media services that we facilitate: 


Video Production

Whether you need a brand video or a background reel for your website, we often work with other local media companies like Mixer Media, to produce a video that integrates with the rest of your marketing story. 


Complete Photo Shoots

If you need photography of a ball room, multi-story building, or other complex setup for your online marketing project, we know the guys to work with. 


Drone Videography

This kind of video is great for background headers on websites. We use drones for showing off your building, project, or team.