Side·kick (noun):
A trusty companion who provides knowledge or skills to aid the hero (you!).

Let us be Spock to your Captain Kirk.

Sidekick Specs 

Our month-to-month program is your solution to make meaningful and ongoing progress with your online marketing.

Sidekick combines coaching with a task dashboard and the ability to delegate tasks to our team of experts so you have the ability to keep time and money costs low or ramp things up as needed to make progress toward your brand and marketing goals.


Based on our experience with over 70 clients, we've found these essential powers make up the perfect Sidekick.


Create A Plan

1. Coaching

Establish a rock-solid plan with a monthly, 30-minute meeting with Spencer Field over coffee or via Skype. You will review the progress of the last month, plan for the next month, and ask any questions. At the end of the meeting, you'll leave fully prepared to take action--no matter the objective.


Get The Work Done

2. Task Dashboard

Track progress on a Trello, a personalized dashboard where you can see at a glance what we are doing for you, track your own action items, and follow up with any project questions. We will assist with setup and training.


Many Hands Make Light Work

3. Delegate

Any work you choose to outsource to our team is guaranteed to be completed within four business days. If it's not finished in that time, you don't owe us a dime for it. Clients with Sidekick only pay $60/hr on these services--that’s a 20% discount!

A few of the things we can do for you:

  • Website Updates
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo shoots
  • AdWords Account Review
  • Email Campaign Scheduling
  • Local Aggregator Updates
  • Content Writing

How Sidekick Works

The basic monthly workflow:

  1. Signup: You sign up below.
  2. Setup: Our team sets up your dashboard. 
  3. First Meeting: You and Spencer hold your first 30-minute meeting to outline the first projects.
  4. Task(s) Flow: The agreed-upon tasks are uploaded to your dashboard with clear next steps.
  5. Team Action: The work assigned to our team gets done ASAP. And we encourage you do get your work done, too!
  6. Second Meeting: You and Spencer meet the next month to review work, to plan ahead for the next month, and to answer any of your marketing, operations, or strategic questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I need more than 60 minutes of staff time? . . .

With Sidekick, we drop our hourly rate from $75/hr to $60/hr, and any additional assistance will be billed at this lower rate.

What if my meeting with Spencer runs over? . . .

Spencer runs effecient meetings but is also pretty generous with his time. He will ensure everything gets done quickly. If you need to schedule extra time with him, our team can make that happen.

How fast do you work? . . .

Once we have everything we need from you, we'll have all of your project done within 4 business days. Often faster.

What do you mean by "encourage me to get my work done"? . . .

Our team will reach out to you via the dashboard if we don't see you making progress on your action items. If that does't work, we'll send an email, make a phone call, and on occasion we've personally visited our clients' offices to see what's going on.

Can you manage whole projects? . . .

Yes, and we do so on a regular basis. If it takes more than 60 minutes of staff time, we'll apply the reduced hourly rate and ensure everything still gets done.



We've made it easy to sign up online for Sidekick. Once we have your info, our team will set up your dashboard and book your first meeting with Spencer.


Package Overview

This is a flexible month-to-month package for $50/month that includes:

  • Custom Trello dashboard
  • 30 minutes of coaching with Spencer every month
  • Support for ongoing task follow-through
  • Ability to delegate projects to Orange Cube Group staff at a reduced hourly rate
  • Reduced hourly rate for bigger projects
  • Discounts for online tools we use like Hootsuite, Google's G Suite, and Canva


Get Started

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