Orange Cube Group is On TradeFirst. 

The team at Orange Cube Group is excited to be join the TradeFirst team. We help our clients tell stories and grow their business using online marketing. 

If this content leaves you asking questions please give our team a call at 810 545 8989 or send an email to 

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Orange Cube Group offers three services on Trade. For services that we do not offer on Trade we have other Trade Members we work closely with and can refer you to.  Check out Mixer Media as an example


Cube Site:

Runnning About $1,300

Creation of a 5 page website hosted on SquareSpace. This fully mobile responsive website is based on a clean and simple design principle which means it is great for most businesses.

The Orange Cube Group will take care of all of the technical details, website layout and design. After you approve the site the team at Orange Cube Group will show you how to add pictures and your own words as you know how to best represent your business. We wrap up the project from our end after our overview meeting and hand the site off to you. 

We do all of the hard work and leave the words and pictures to you.



Google Place Optimization

Running About $750

Ideal For Increasing Walk-In Traffic

Google has created a program which gives local business an advantage over national brands and online sellers called Google My Business. The Orange Cube Group team will create or claim your account and totally optimizes your page with pictures, contact information and text. Often our clients 2x or 3x increase in the amount of calls and websites visits from Google My Business .

Our team actually did this for TradeFirst to help clients navigate directly to their front door. 


- Ultimate Body

- Proper Cup

- Orange Cube Group

- TradeFirst

Social Media Consulting

Running about $300

We don't have to convince you that social media is a key part to most online marketing campaigns. 

If your confused about what you should be doing on social media and how to do it let our team give you a hand.  



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