Step 1: Send Us info

Take a minute to fill out our handy form by clicking the button. This will get us all the info we need so our nerds and look into your website. 

Step 2: We Nerd Out

Our nerd will review all of your notes and look over every inch of your website. They will come up with a list of ideas and the cost (normaly $250 ish) of making those changes.

Step 3: Talk It OUt

You and a project manager will hope on a phone call and talk about all of the changes, come up with a plan and get the project going. 

Step 1: Get To Work

The project goes back to the nerds who get to work and make all of the changes. 


Step 5: Review and Launch

After the nerds have wrapped up their work you and the project manager take one last look and launch everything live!