First Steps In Video Marketing

Video marketing is simply using video to communicate with your audience. This can range from a fully produced movie down to a video made on a smartphone. 

Is video marketing important? 

That, of course, depends on your target audience but if you are trying B2C business there is a good bet that video marketing can be very effective. 

Wordstream did a study and found that 51% of online marketers name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

How can I get started? 

While we have helped a lot of businesses produce some very effective video marketing campaigns you can get started with a video your produce on your smartphone. 

Your largest obstacle here is not technical as you have a perfectly capable smartphone. It's not content because if we had coffee you could talk for an hour. Your biggest obstacle is fear. Which is something you are going to have to face? 

Here is a great intro video on how to use a smartphone to create a video:



If you are ready to upgrade your rig here a few tools that we use at the Orange Cube Group: 

What can I do right now?

So you're ready to take an action right now. Good. 

Go do a Facebook live video and tell the most recent success story you had with a client. You already know the story so no need to write the script and with Facebook live you just have to click a few buttons. 

Check out Owen's how to video on Facebook live: 

That's it. Now you have a strating overview of video markeitng. Have a quesiton or want to learn more. Send us an email to or leave a comment bellow.