1. What Is The Orange Cube Group Referral Program?

It's really simple. When you send us a lead that turns into a client, you get a cut of what we get paid. We find this works great for complimentary businesses to ours, like photography, print marketing, and other online marketing businesses. The program also works well with other businesses run by top-notch people who enjoy growing and connecting their professional network.  


2. Why would I want to be part of This Referral Program?

As an active referral partner, you are making money and strengthening your business connections with minimal work on your part.


Make Money

When you send us a client, you make 10% or 25% off the deal. We know that we might never get those clients without your referrals. So it's a win-win. We're both making more money.


Add Value to Your Network 

When you refer us to your clients and colleagues, you are connecting them to our suite of services, which can help their businesses grow.


Expand Your Reach

If you refer us a client who also needs your services to complete their brand, website, or online marketing strategy, we will ensure that you provide the service that is your expertise, which means more billable items and hours for you.  

3. How does the sign-up process work? 

Here's the answer, step by step: 

  1. You apply using the form below.
  2. If you're accepted, you will sit down with the Orange Cube Group owner to ensure we are on the same page and can work well together.
  3. We add you to our referral dashboard.
  4. When the right opportunities come along, you connect us with the prospective client.
  5. If the client requires your services, we will include you in our project recommendations and plan.
  6. Once the client signs up with us, we pay you.

4. frequently Ask Questions:

  • Am I an employee?: No you are not. You're an independent sales consultant and we have a simple contract.
  • What's my legal obligation?: None. You have no legal obligation to us. We are only obligated to pay you when a successful contract is signed with a client and that client pays us.
  • How do I know I will get paid? Because we are a not jerks. Don't believe us? Checkout our online reviews, talk to a current partner or find comfort in the sales contract we will sign which will ensure you get paid. 
  • When and how do I get paid?: When we get paid, you get paid within 3 days via check. 
  • Is this an exclusive relationship?: You are in no way locked into using us. If you think that another online marketing company would be a better fit for someone, feel free to send the lead to them. There is more than enough for all of us.
  • What if I want different terms?: We would be open for a conversation. But you'll have to convince our owner, and he's a tough cookie.

A. Be our Fellow

With this plan, you just drop us a random referral whenever the opportunity comes. This is super low key and we may only do one deal a year this way.  Friends of Orange Cube Group staff are on this plan and get a few hundred bucks here and there. A person on this plan makes 10% per referred client we sign.

B. Become a Referral Partner

With partners, our relationship gets more serious. We take it to the next level, if you will. A partner is sending us an average of 3 leads a months and has an active, ongoing relationship with our team. A partner makes 25% per referred client we sign.


5. Ready to take the next step?  

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